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Hot Glass Academy is a mobile glassblowing studio that offers workshops and special events just about anywhere! We’ve been hosted by summer camps, art centers, outdoor festivals, breweries and private parties, just to name a few. Our mobile glassblowing equipment needs only about a 10’x10′ space, and can be configured in a variety of ways.

Check out our workshop descriptions below. These are sample offerings – please feel free to contact us to tailor a hot glass experience to your needs.

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Glass Blowing Workshops

Clay Mold Blown Glass Cup Workshop*

Maximum 18 students/day. Ages 8+

Excellent for: Team building, summer camps, arts organizations, private parties & events

To inquire about about booking this workshop, please click here.

Each workshop begins with a comprehensive safety introduction to glassblowing. Students will then create an individualized clay mold design by pressing a variety of fun objects into the sides of a clay slab. One at a time, students will pick a glass color, and then will be guided through the steps to blow a molten bubble of glass into their clay mold. Students work in teams of two for certain steps, which emphasizes the team-building aspects of the glassblowing process. This workshop is mesmerizing to watch, and exciting to participate in from start to finish. With the use of the unique clay blow molds, there will be a diverse range of finished cups at the end; no two are alike.

Duration: approximately 20 minutes per cup, including clay mold design.

*Cups will be available for pickup the next day, following a slow cooling process.

Special thanks to Phil Vinson, the creator of this workshop: www.madeinchinastudio.com

1-on-1 Hot Glass Workshops*

Maximum 25 students/day. Ages 8+

Excellent for: Team building, summer camps, arts organizations, private parties & events, corporate or private holiday parties

Choose from: ornaments, cups (large or small), mugs, small bowls, flowers, paperweights, small vases, heart paperweights, or pumpkin paperweights. Event organizers can choose 2-3 object types per session.

To inquire about booking this workshop, please click here.

Each workshop session begins with a comprehensive safety introduction to working with hot glass. Students then begin their one-on-one session with the instructor by picking out one or two glass colors for their object. Then we have a brief, fun warm-up with glass and tools for each student to become familiar with the material properties of molten glass. Next, we will gather glass on a steel blowpipe or rod, apply their chosen color(s), and shape the glass into the selected form. Each piece will be placed in the annealing oven for a slow cooling process. Every object is handmade and no two are exactly the same.

Duration: approximately 20-30 minutes per object

*Objects will be available for pickup the next day, following the slow cooling process.

Summer Camps

Maximum 5 teaching hours/day, 3+ days. Ages 10+

Excellent for: Small or large summer camp groups; team building with peers; maximum fun!

To inquire about about booking this workshop, please click here.

Glassblowing at Summer Camp is an unforgettable experience for campers and staff alike. We can tailor a variety of options for your group of campers for one-of-a kind creative, hands-on workshops. We are available to travel just about anywhere in the U.S., and need a relatively small footprint for the studio. Covered outdoor locations are ideal!

Please contact us for more information and to inquire about booking us for your campers.

Hot Glass Medallion Workshop*

Maximum 30 students/day for hanging medallions; maximum 50 students/day for desktop medallions. Ages 6+

Excellent for: Large group events, corporate retreats, company parties and large summer camps.

To inquire about about booking this workshop, please click here.

This workshop is a great introduction to hot glass with the option for a customized element.** One by one, students will choose a glass color to add to a small amount of clear molten glass (called a “gather”). The colored glass will then be cut onto a steel table, where the student stamps the hot glass. The stamps are made of bronze and will imprint a relief design to make the medallion. Medallions can be made to either sit on a desktop, or to hang from an added loop (this will need to be determined in advance as part of the planning process). Each medallion will be placed in the annealing oven for a slow cooling process.

Duration: approximately 10 minutes per hanging medallion; approximately 7 minutes per desktop medallion

*Medallions will be available for pickup the next day, following the slow cooling process.

**The stamp can be a custom design of a company logo or your own personal design. There are also several standard stamp designs to choose from. Custom stamps require a minimum 8-week lead time and a slight additional cost.

If you are interested in ordering medallion prototypes in advance of a workshop, or in ordering quantities of medallions without the workshop component, please click here.

Hot Glass Sand Casting Workshop

Maximum 12 cast objects/day. Ages 8+

Excellent for: Large or small groups, corporate retreats, company parties, summer camps.

To inquire about booking this workshop, click here.

Hot glass sand casting is a unique way to achieve solid, sculptural forms in hot glass. Objects are pressed into wet sand to create a hollow impression, which is then filled with hot glass from the furnace. A beautiful texture is achieved from the sand. The glass can be painted afterward to introduce color and to highlight details. This workshop begins with a shop introduction and demonstration, after which students work on creating their own sand mold with the object(s) of their choosing.

These objects require a slow cooling process called annealing; pieces will be available for pick-up the next day.

Design Your Own …… Private Party

Maximum 50 ornaments/day or 30 cups/day

All Ages

To inquire about glassblowing demonstrations at your event, click here.

Planning a party, fiesta, festival, birthday, wedding, family reunion, beer tasting or wine tasting? We provide live glassblowing demonstrations for any event that needs entertainment with a new kick. We offer an experience where visitors design their own ornament or drinking glass from available sample options. You pick out a color or two, and watch the artist make it on site. All cups and ornaments will be available for pickup within 1 and 1/2 hours of making. This offering utilizes a new industrial-based cooling method designed by Mobile Glassblowing Studios, LLC.

Extra ornaments and cups can be pre-ordered at an additional cost.

Hot Glass Academy Traveling Residency Program

Hot Glass Academy’s founder Devan Cole is available throughout the year as a glassblower in residence. His fully-insured mobile glassblowing furnace and all other related equipment are included, making this a wonderfully easy option to host an immersive and longer-term hot glass experience.

This residency offers community engagement and growth through active creative learning with hot glass. The residency provides the opportunity to observe informative demonstration performances with the public during business hours or special events, as well as opportunities to take hands-on workshops and classes in a variety of hot glass processes.

The details:

Duration: Two-week minimum

Location: Pricing is for a single studio location. Moving the equipment to other location(s) will include an additional fee.

Weekly rate (includes equipment rental): $3,600.00

Payment terms: 50% advance deposit to confirm booking; 50% remainder due prior to departure from residency.

Hours: Maximum 24 hours/week; up to 6 hours/day of scheduled demonstrations and/or teaching.

Studio Access: 24/7 access will be needed to monitor equipment

Projects: include glass ornaments, cups, mugs, bowls, vases, paperweights, cast medallions, heart paperweights, pumpkin paperweights and/or sand-cast sculptures. Choose up to 3 object types per workshop session. Sand-casting sessions cannot be combined with other project types.

Studio Allowance: Devan Cole will have full authorization to blow glass outside of scheduled times to create additional art work.

Artwork Terms: Terms for sale of artwork are to be determined on a by-location basis, including any demonstration pieces created during the residency.

Expenses to be paid by host organization, including:



-Propane (min. Two (2) 20-gallon tanks; exact needs TBD based on schedule)