Glass Blowing Questions

Workshop & Event FAQ

We’ve answered some common questions here – if you have additional questions or if you’d like to inquire about booking a workshop or event, please click here.

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A: Part of our mission is to keep glassblowing accessible to all. Prices vary depending on a variety of factors, including location, length and type of event. For more information, please complete our Booking Inquiry Form here.

A: We are set up to accommodate anywhere from 2 – 100+ students, depending on such factors as time, project type, age and overall budget. We invite you to complete our Booking Inquiry Form to help us determine how we can best meet your needs.

A: We can bring our studio to almost anywhere in the U.S., including many outdoor locations. International workshops are also possible with additional planning.

A: We generally request at least 8 weeks advance notice for your workshop or event. This helps us to finalize all details within a comfortable time frame. We can sometimes be available on shorter notice; please don’t hesitate to contact us for availability. You can also check our current schedule here.

A: Hot Glass Academy has a $2,000,000-liability insurance policy that covers when our glassblowers are demonstrating or providing workshops. In the case of studio rental by a trained glassblower, we require renters to provide proof of their own insurance policy.

A: Our team is supplied with 10 colors for each event/workshop. These can be used by themselves, and some colors can be combined for even more custom options.

A: Finished pieces take anywhere from one hour to overnight to cool depending on the project. We will let you know the cooling requirements for your specific workshop(s). Our friends at Mobile Glassblowing Studios LLC have engineered a way to cool things off fast. Check it out.


A: In keeping with our emphasis on safety, we require that all students come to their workshops with the following (safety glasses are provided):

-Close-toed sneakers, tennis shoes or work boots; no sandals or heels.

-Cotton or other natural-fiber clothing; no polyester or synthetics. Pants or shorts that are mid-thigh length or longer are ideal. A cotton towel can also work well over polyester shorts, if necessary.

-Clothing should not have any fringe or hanging components.

-Long hair must be pulled back.

-Students work best when they are well-fed and hydrated. Please bring a water bottle.

-For hot days, a bandana can be helpful, but is not required.

A: We will communicate with you throughout the booking process based on your location, workshop or event type, and other factors. Generally, we will need the following:

-Access to the working space at least 3 hours prior to the event or workshop(s), as well as one day before (for setup/orientation) and one day after (to label finished work, pack and load the studio).

-Close access to 4 dedicated 120-Volt, 15-amp (standard) power outlet (within about 50 feet). For certain outdoor locations, we can plan for the use of a generator instead.

-Propane tanks in accordance with your workshop or event needs.

-Indoor or outdoor space at least 20’x20′. Indoor spaces must be well-ventilated and meet code restrictions for use of propane. Outdoor spaces will need to be covered by a canopy or 20’x20′ commercial tent with walls and no center pole.

-Pre-booked hotel room, with at least two beds for the night prior to the event through a day after the last workshop or demonstration.

-Meals are generally to be provided by you, our hosts. We will discuss the specific logistics of this as part of our planning process.

A: We start every workshop with a full safety introduction and each student works one-on-one with the instructor to ensure close supervision. There are inherent risks to working with hot glass, but safety is our most important principle. We travel with a first aid kit just in case. Our track record to date is zero injuries.

A: For workshop attendance a signed waiver form is required for each participant. This will be supplied in advance upon confirmation of your scheduled activities.

A: Yes, on a very limited basis to trained glassblowers who apply. Please complete our Studio Rental Application for more information on this option.